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Sell Fast, Move Faster:
4 tips to sell your home and
help you get a move on quickly

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Whether you're relocating for work or simply planning a last-minute move, selling your home will be top priority on your list. The task may seem daunting but thankfully help is on its way with our list of top tips to successfully sell your home at a fair price and get on with the next phase in your life!

Expert help 24/7

While this can all be done on your own, if time isn't on your side, we recommend using the help of property experts in your area. Traditional high street agents are all good but when you're getting ready to move, it might be a good idea to consider taking care of business directly online. Online property management solutions are extremely popular at the moment with great advantages such as greater control and savings. What's more, you can often deal for everything directly on their dedicated platform, 24/7, including all paperwork. Check out Property Project for instance, to get a better idea of how online property managers can help you fast-track the selling of your home.

Fresh looks

Giving your home a makeover will probably be the last thing on your mind if you're looking to sell fast but it's a much needed step in most instances and it doesn't necessarily involve a huge home overhaul. Most of the time, small fixes will be enough to enhance your home appeal and get potential buyers more excited once they put a foot through the door. Experts recommend putting a fresh coat of paint to instantly update your home for less than a hundred pounds. Opt for neutral and clean colours if you don't have time to come up with an overall new colour scheme for the whole property.


This might sound obvious but if you only have a few days to get rid of your home, chances are you will be up to your neck in cardboard boxes and this might not even cross your mind. The fewer things there will be in your home and the bigger it will appear to buyers. Take down anything you might still have on your wall. To put away extra furniture and personal items, consider renting a storage unit near by or in your future home area if you haven't yet had the keys yet to your new house.

Set the price right

Finally, setting a fair price for your home is crucial in order to sell fast. While it doesn't have to mean you should lower your price, you should definitely take into account location and the period of the year during which you are looking to sell. For instance, peak season for home buying is said to be around spring, during the first half of the month of May to be more precise. According to a study by Zillow, houses on sale between the 1st and 15th of May took on average 18,5 less days to sell than during any other timeframe.