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The Practical Guide to
Relocating Your Business

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You could be forced to relocate your business for a hundred and one possible reasons. Maybe you're sick of working in a poky office with a gloomy view of a grim car park, or perhaps your family needs to be closer to a better school.

Whatever your motive for the big move, it's time to make a change and find something better. If it also happens to be more bang for your buck, then all the better – no savvy entrepreneur turns their nose up at the chance to save money.

But even though it's for the good of your family and finances, relocating your business is a tricky challenge. You risk losing customers, a major disruption in income if there are delays, and the headache of packing up years' worth of paperwork.

So you don't end up tangled in the logistical nightmare of moving, we've put together a guide to all the practical steps you'll need to manoeuvre. Take a look.

Step #1: Find the right property

The first challenge you'll face is finding a property that ticks all the right boxes, like having access to roads, parking, and foot traffic.

Use an online database to narrow the search. There are plenty of offices and shops to let, so be patient and whatever the nature of your work you'll soon discover the perfect new base.

Step #2: Let employees know

During the relocation process you have to respect the employment rights of your staff. You want to avoid compulsory redundancies as much as possible, so be open and honest from the start.

Give plenty of warning, and try to be open to suggestions. For example, working remotely from home could be a viable solution to retain talented employees.

Step #3: Take care of admin

There's a mountain of admin involved with relocating, not least changing your address on insurance policies and business cards.

Make a checklist of everything that needs to be updated and spend the afternoon working through it, ticking off tasks as you go so nothing is left out accidentally.

Step #4: Be ruthless with packing

Now's your chance to get rid of all the clutter that's been getting in your way for years. Be totally ruthless when you're packing, getting rid of anything that isn't necessary.

Just be careful when you're throwing out paperwork – shredding is your best bet for ensuring you properly dispose of sensitive data.

Step #5: Share the exciting news with customers

You want loyal customers to find you at your new premises, so share updates and progress with them online.
Use your social media presence to keep information flowing, and nearer the grand opening, invest in local and online marketing campaigns to create an irresistible buzz.

Once you've moved and the new work pad is fully kitted out, you can focus on getting back down to business again!