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Who Needs to Be Informed
When You Are Moving?

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When the moving is accomplished then no matter how long the day was but the end of the day seems to be very relaxed and you start feeling like a winner. Only reaching to your destination and unpacking of your stuff is not the complete task. You have to do more than that. It is also required that you must create a list of the people and companies that you need to inform regarding your move. This information seems to be very unimportant at that time but it will show its importance after your move is done.

First of all you have to look from personal perspective that who needs to be informed about your change of address. It is always a good idea to get your family and friends informed about your moving and always do give them your new address. Apart from your dad and mom, the relatives must also be informed. After that, do inform your other close contacts both from your personal and professional life. Also, it is necessary to inform your General physician, your employer, school, leisure club and dentist.

Informing everyone is not easy but is important and cannot be ignored. If you are not going to do it today, you will need to do it afterwards. After informing all the basic people and amenities you have to inform the next level people. The next level includes the other important people and bodies. This will require more working from your side. It will include post office, gas providers, electricity providers, water providers, mobile company, bank, card companies, library and insurance companies. This is a long list and it will really make your head spin but thanks to the technology like mobile phones and internet that has made things easier. After making a few phone calls and sending few emails, it will all get set. It will definitely take enough time but will benefit you at the end.

Last but not the least; you also have to inform the government bodies as well. This is perhaps the most difficult stage of informing others about your move. You will have to face a lot of hurdles in this stage but in any case you have to go through it. This basic government bodies that you have to reach out are electoral register, your council and HMRC. These are the basic ones and there can be many others to which you are related. You would also have to call your Pension Company, council tax office, solicitor and social security. After informing all of these bodies you will be almost near to the completion of the informing list. You must also reach out to the vehicle registration office and the DVLA. At this stage, you can feel relaxed as you have done your best in informing all of the relevant authorities.

Majority of the people do not pay much attention over informing others by considering that they will do this after completing their move but this is not the right approach. If you are going to do this before moving then you will get your life running right after the move is done. It is better to take decisions on long term basis and not only think about the hectic tasks of moving. Always remember moving does not end when you just get into the new house. There is a lot you have to do after that as well.