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----- quick moving guide summary -----

prepare for the move

what you should know

When it's time to get ready for the move:

  • settle any outstanding bills with retailers, utility service provides, and other local merchants
  • service any vehicles that will be used for moving
  • secure parking space for the mover
  • arrange for help: see moving services

Before the Move Date

print this list

  • mow lawn and clean the outside
  • drain oil and prepare lawn and other power equipment for moving
  • empty propane tanks and clean outdoor grills and other outdoor equipment
  • defrost freezers and dispose of perishable food
  • dispose of household hazardous items: print list
  • empty and prepare refrigerator and freezers — place deodorizers inside to control odors
  • clean all other appliances that stay
  • obtain necessary travelers checks and other related monies for moving
  • arrange for final trash / recyclable pickups
  • return leased equipment such as cable converters, phones, and other household items
  • arrange care for children and pets on move date
  • cancel all home deliveries and services
  • arrange a home for your plants, if needed - moving vans will not move plants if the move is more than 150 miles

On the Moving Date

prepare your home for the move

print this list

  • dissemble computer and other electronics
  • remove those items that you will move yourself (load them up in the car).
  • be available to oversee and assist movers where necessary. Have available bottle water and bathroom facilities for the movers.
  • the mover will check an inventory sheet for each item being moved. They will inspect the condition for each item. Make sure you agree with their comments before signing: more information about the inventory list
  • carefully read and complete the Bill of Lading. Make sure you have a copy signed by the mover.
  • exchange contact information with the mover in case either party needs to contact each other
  • give the mover your correct moving home or storage address - secure parking space for mover
  • complete final inspection before the movers leave
  • make final repairs and cleaning before closing the door: get cleaning and repair services

What's Needed to Move In

Upon move-in, prep your home for moving in:

print this list

  • check utility connections; make sure everything is connected or will be connected on move-in day
  • inspect fire and other security alarms
  • inspect fireplace usage
  • prepare fire escape plan
  • change the locks on your doors
  • compile emergency numbers
  • arrange services to connect appliances and other specialty items
  • arrange trash and recycling pickup
  • you may want to paint your closets and pantrys prior to filling them up
Moving Tools

FREE forms and worksheets:

  • moving checklist and pad
  • move budgeting worksheets
  • move inventory lists
  • utility and service transfer sheets
  • and more - all FREE without user registration

    click for quick tool downloads


----- end of moving guide summary -----