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----- quick moving summary -----

3-4 months before your move date

what you should do


more information:

Look for Housing to Buy or Build

Look for a Rental and/or Roommate

Checking the Neighborhood

Before you make any move, check your new neighborhood for schools, crime statistics, amenities, valuations and more.

If you planning to buy, you want to make a home purchase in a neighborhood where your home investment will maintain its value.

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Schedule Your Moving Service or Truck Rental

You have basically three options in moving your household items to your new location. You need to arrange and schedule these services early so as to get best rates and dates:

  1. Full Moving Services:
    this is the most expensive option. They will pack, load up and drive your household items to your new move-in place:
    link to view full service movers
  2. You Pack, Unload - They Drive Movers:
    this option has you packing and loading the truck or pod. Then a professional driver to deliver the truck or pod at your new move-in location where you will unload it:
    link to view You Pack-They Drive services
  3. Truck Rentals:
    this is the least expensive option. You will rent a truck or trailer, load it up, drive to your move-in location, unload and then return the truck to a local drop-off point:
    link to view truck rentals

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Start Estimating and Building a Moving Budget

Moving is not cheap. So assemble a budget plan on how much you will need. Budget planning steps:

  1. Budgeting Worksheet:
    Use our FREE budgeting worksheet to estimate your numbers:
    download this budgeting worksheet
  2. Determine how it will cost to move:
    you have full service movers (most expensive), you pack they drive services, and you pack and drive truck rentals (least expensive). You need to estimate how much you have just for moving. Link to our moving resources for estimated quotes:
    full service movers | truck rentals
  3. Moving Supplies:
    you will need boxes and packing supplies. Estimate how much you will need for these moving items:
    see boxes and supplies for estimate quotes
  4. Storage:
    will you need storage? If so, you need to add storage costs to your budget:
    find storage units
  5. Estimate Moving You and Your Family:
    you need to get yourself and your family to your move-to destination. Will you be traveling by car, air and train (bus)? If by car, how much will you need for lodging and dining?
    see our travel-to module
  6. Add your potential tax savings:
    most moving costs are tax deductible. So figure how much you can save in taxes to finalize your budgeting plan:
    Publication 521: Moving Expenses

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Moving Tools

FREE forms and worksheets:

  • moving checklist and pad
  • move budgeting worksheets
  • move inventory lists
  • utility and service transfer sheets
  • and more - all FREE without user registration

    click for quick tool downloads
----- end of moving summary -----

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